Why “Our”Earth loves Elon Musk ?

Mavericks shape the earth, and he is one- If there is one person who has shaped up many sectors all at once, and continues to inspire millions through the world, not for his personal profit, it it this man-Elon Musk. If current billionaires want to die as good persons, they can donate their wealth to him, to make the world a better place. There will be certain unrated and un-categorized books in the library, Elon is one who fits into all categories and genres and as an earth and good will believer I wish him many more years of living.

Begins his PhD in Stanford, but drops out to start a business venture and a successful one at it. How many of us would start a PhD @ Stanford, and how many of them would drop out to start a business-I doubt. Sells his business for 300 million$ , huge sum now, even more huge sum in 1999. You have a 100 million dollars at age 28, not stocks , not paper wealth but actual money, most of them would date a super model and buy an island in Caribbean. Founds another company, sells it to eBay, is part of the famous pay pal mafia. Has a Bachelors degree in physics and out sized ambitions, and starts Space X. NASA is the only global space agency, and it launches payloads and conducts experiments, Russia does the remaining part. It was always countries and their funded space agencies doing the brunt of work. They outsourced work to private defense contractors, but none had the gumption to establish a company.But Elon did…

Photo by Pablo Guerrero on Unsplash

Space X, founded in California with the mission of reducing space transportation costs, and colonization of Mars. Both were ideas on papers and space fiction movies. This person changed that to reality. It was the first private company to successfully launch, orbit and recover the space craft. They have also completed more than 20 missions to ISS. They also did the first propulsive landing for an orbital rocket. They are able to reduce the costs by landing the rocket back into land or sea. Looks simple, but none had thought or tried or succeeded at it. He is known for his insane 100 hour work week, poring over physics journals and talking to rocket engineers to make this a reality. Then came the idea of Star-Link, about 400 satellites to provide satellite internet connectivity. This literally maps the entire globe furnishing cheap internet connectivity. When people think of under sea cables, helium balloons for internet, wifi in railway stations, you have one weaving the internet dreams from space.

Tesla- Science geeks used to marvel about the ideas of this Alternating Current genius. But now Tesla implies the car manufacturer than the scientist. He would be proud at it, for he was celebrated less during his times. This is an electric vehicle and battery storage company. Many car companies established electric vehicle subsidiaries but were not serious in destroying their cash cows-read gasoline vehicles. They had dumb models, high costs, and less mileage. Then comes Tesla, they started with luxury car models and then slowly moving into mass market models. Design was impeccable, safety features top notch, competitive pricing, fuel economy and features on par with luxury models. Buyers were thrilled and so was the market. Come 2020, Tesla is the second valuable car maker in the world. Open sourced all its patents- bold move for a car company, they were so confident on themselves and their attitude of saving the planet. When batteries were the problem, he established battery plants, charging was the next, deployed super chargers, China plant, Germany plant for Europe, USA plant in California, largest battery plant in Nevada.

Auto-pilot- start with semi autonomous driver assist, then with adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, auto park etc. All the Tesla cars are connected to each other via the central system. During Florida hurricane, tesla cars automatically got higher driving mileage by a software update from the company-sounds cool eh :)

Boring company- not a boring idea- After he has done revolutionizing space travel, electric vehicles, decides the solution to traffic woes is designing tunnels and high speed car pods. Cars would be led by high speed pods which zip through tunnels at pre-determined speed, saving time, cost, and energy. Solves traffic woes of many populated major cities. Cool idea fructified into reality by Elon again.

Hyperloop — proposed mode of freight transportation, Hyperloop is a sealed tube or system of tubes with low air pressure through which a pod may travel substantially free of friction.The Hyperloop would transport people or objects hypersonic speeds while being very energy efficient.This would reduce travel time. All the design was open sourced for anyone to try it, commercialize and make it into successful venture. He is not interested in milking the profits of his concepts nor his patents. He is here to make the world an even better place to live.

100 MW bet won -Elon-1 Politics-0 In 2016, South Australia experienced a total power black out due to a storm, and politicians were squabbling the reason to be push towards renewable energy. Bet was waged on twitter, and Elon accepted that if his team does not install 100 MW battery, working one in 100 days from contract, he would give it for free, and boy he did deliver. They are rescuing Australia from energy shortages till date.

Thailand cave rescue— When the whole world watched at young kids trapped in a thailand cave during a down pour, commoners prayed, government tried its best to rescue them, millionaires donated money, but there was one man, who delivered on a miniature submarine design promise and delivered. Much negativity has been spread around the event, but what stands is the tech genius reaching out in time, with his expertise. He was awarded Member of the Order of the Direkgunabhorn by the King of Thailand in March 2019.

X Æ A-12 Musk — Wishes to his 3 days young kid. He/She is already a star. The kid parents have revealed that they would parent him gender neutral. It is a boy, and they have named him X Æ A-12 Musk

X — unknown variable

Æ- my elven spelling of Ai (love &/or Artificial intelligence)

A- 12- precursor to SR-17. No weapons, no defenses, just speed. Great in battle, but non-violent

Wannabe Writer, making delta attempts to perfection.All views expressed in my article are my own. Sincere attempt in weaving patterns and stories of life