Siddha Solution Protocols- COVID-19

The lines state about reduced immunity system in human beings on some season, and how diseases attack us during those times. Many of us including myself argued, how come COVID-19 a new virus detected in 2019, could have a treatise/solution in a Tamil epic written thousands of years ago. Similar infections have been throughout history, we have had plagues, poxes, all affecting our people for millennia. Coastal sea surges and tsunami-affected our major cities and destroyed civilizations, and it happened again.

When the virus interacts, it increases fluid secretion, then increased heart rate, body temperature, and cough all of which are symptoms for COVID-10 outlined by WHO.

History repeats itself

One thing to learn from history, is people never learn from history

Spike in caseload in Europe was during the spring season between March-May when people ventured outdoors more than ever after the winter season.

The above lines when translated reads as, during summertime, when there is shouting, poisoning, and adrenaline rush because of fear, and oil stickiness even after a head bath, and internal injuries without bleeding, and body temperature increase are symptoms of fever. They were able to track seasonal flu with exact symptoms and treatment protocols for the same. Past actions, not your deeds but your previous eating regimen, eating without hunger, cold water consumption, changes in the landscape, malnutrition, stress, and depression are another set of causes for fever specified in these Tamil couplets.

Turmeric mixed with warm water for drinking and home sprinkling purposes is known to increase our immunity levels. Cow dung mixed with water was used for home cleaning purposes due to its anti-bacterial properties. Indian Vanakkam and Namaste are now world-famous, with EU leaders adopting it, and the whole world is now resorting to no-handshake policy. This is especially hard for western culture people, as they were used to public kissing and hugging. Always warm water for our drinking purposes is very useful to combat all infections. Western culture of cold drinks for all purposes and ice bags in abundance is part of their food culture, but it permeates to all layers thus stripping them off the essential immunity.

Anti-Oxidant boosting foods like sprouted grains and a variety of spinach offer medicinal properties.Adhimadhooram, Vilvam Coffee, Sukkumalli Coffee, Aavaram Poo Coffee, Nannari are some of the immunity booster drinks. Yogasana which focuses more on breathing and body activity is also advised for covid-19 patients here in India. Nilavembu and Kabasura water are being given for infected patients, and also advised as premedication. Many movie shootings are happening in Tamil Nadu, in which all artists consume it twice per day, still, they maintain social distancing protocols as well except during scenes.

One issue that is highlighted for alternate medicine is the lack of research and peer published journal papers. These medicinal practices shall not replace surgery, trauma or accident cases, or much-advanced treatment that is being currently done. It shall supplement allopathy medicine and be able to reduce fatalities and improve the well-being of the general population. Dates, Amla, Ginger, Tulsi, Cowmilk, Lemon are some of the most essential foods to be taken at all times.

Thanks to AbhinayRaj for the Tamil to Tamil translation




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